Practical implications of immigration checks on new lettings

Publisher: Chartered Institute of Housing

Publication date: November 2014

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Immigration checks on new lettings are required by the Immigration Act 2014. Most local authority and many housing association lettings will be exempt, but lodgers are covered by the scheme regardless of tenure. Social landlords need to be aware of the requirements both where it applies to their own lettings and to any lodgers which their tenants may have, and because of the expected impact on the private rented sector and on migrant communities.

This "Practical Implications" briefing explains how the checks are intended to operate, answers questions which social landlords may have and suggests how those letting out accommodation can meet the new requirements and respond to their effects. It is based on liaison by the Chartered Institute of Housing with the Home Office, landlord bodies and migrant rights organisations when the legislation was going through Parliament and now that it is being implemented.