Poverty among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK: An evidence and policy review

Author: Allsopp, Jennifer, Sigona, Nando & Phillimore, Jenny

Corporate author: Institute for Reasearch into Superdiversity (IRIS)

Publisher: University of Manchester

Publication date: January 2014


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This review focuses on the experiences of poverty among refugees, asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers, including women, children, unaccompanied asylum seeking minors, families, elderly, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) people, disabled, and members of cultural and religious minorities; how experiences of poverty change over time and differ across the UK; and strategies to prevent and reduce poverty among forced migrants. Overall, it demonstrates that the pathways into poverty faced by this marginalised group are many and often intersectional. Yet, for many, the asylum system itself is a source of vulnerability to poverty and destitution. This is especially demonstrable at points of transition. The review finds that reducing the incidence of poverty would improve the quality and fairness of the asylum process and lead to improved refugee health, wellbeing and integration.