How has the rise in private renting disproportionately affected some ethnic groups? Ethnic differences in housing tenure 1991-2001-2011

Author: Finney, Nissa & Harries, Bethan

Corporate author: ESRC Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE)

Publisher: University of Manchester

Publication date: October 2013

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Housing preferences tend to be the same regardless of ethnic group and reflect the overwhelming preference in England and Wales for home ownership. This is a preference actively encouraged by successive governments via schemes such as ‘right to buy,’ ‘shared ownership’ and ‘help to buy’. However, there has been a rise in private renting in England and Wales in recent years such that in 2011 9.8 million people
(18 percent of the population) were private renters. This has raised concerns about increasing costs of renting and lack of affordable housing (for rent and to buy). These concerns surround young people in particular, because they are less able to enjoy the security of home ownership, creating ‘generation rent’.