Homelessness among black communities in the London Borough of Islington

Author: Steele, Andy & Ahmed, Naseer

Publisher: London Borough of Islington

Publication date: August 2007

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While it is widely acknowledged that black and minority ethnic households are over-represented among the homeless, the London Borough of Islington witnessed a significant increase in homelessness acceptances among the black community - over the period 2001/2 to 2005/6, the percentage of acceptances from black applicants increased from 28 to 36 percent. The University of Salford's Housing & Urban Studies Unit was commissioned to investigate the reasons for this increase and make recommendations to reduce the number of Black households being accepted as homeless. The incidence of homelessness in the black community was reviewed, service providers were consulted, black homeless households were interviewed and recommendations were presented to a validation workshop to evaluate their feasability. Three major, over-arching service developments are recommended in this report together with a series of interventionist approaches to reduce the incidence of homelessness.