Caring and earning among low-income Caribbean, Pakistani and Somali people

Author: Khan, Omar, Ahmet, Akile and Victor, Christina

Publisher: Joseph Rowtree Foundation

Publication date: May 2014

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This is a summary of research looking at the experiences and preferences of low-income Caribbean, Pakistani and Somali people in balancing work and care responsibilities. It examines the particular challenges faced by these ethnic minority groups, and the challenges for employers and policy.

It was found that the government had not adequately assesed the impact or explained the relevance of the introduction of Universal Credit and other benefit changes to ethnic minorities. Ethnic minorities may be disadvantaged by the changes, in particular due to them being more likely to live in London and be affected by the benefit cap in relation to their housing benefit, which may result in them moving away from family members providing childcare support and allowing parents to work. The document recommends that the government considers ways to counteract the effect of changes including the benefit cap on childcare among ethnic minorities.