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This section provides access to presentations used during our past events. The presentations examine issues relating to race equality and social housing, and complement the findings within the Better Housing briefing collection.

Please use the links below to view the presentations or, to search by theme, please use the search panel.

  • Building for equality

    Garvey, C, Birmingham Race Action Partnership (b:RAP), February 2007
    This presentation explored the relationship between better evidence and improved equality outcomes for tenants and stakeholders, explaining how an...

  • Career Opportunities for Ethnic Minorities (COFEM)

    Miller, S; Pinnock, E, Housing Diversity Network, February 2007
    Based on research on the career opportunities for ethnic minorities (COFEM), this presentation highlighted poor development and progression in...

  • Promoting equality through inspection

    Mark Elsworth, Audit Commission, Race Equality Foundation, February 2007
    Equality, diversity and a focus on those who need and use services is core to audit, inspection and improvement. The Housing Inspectorate helps to...