Breaking the cycles of abuse: Understanding the complexities of domestic violence and abuse in BME communities and finding pathways to reduce it!

Author: Chitembo, Amina & Tsikira, Lucy

Publisher: BMECS

Publication date: March 2012


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On 6th March 2012, BME Community Services hosted a half day domestic violence conference on the complexities of domestic violence in BME communities with a special focus on women and girls. The day was filled with powerful presentations from powerful speakers from London and Nottingham followed by a firsthand account from a survivor of domestic violence who in the past has been supported by BME community Services when it was almost impossible to get support from services and then ended with group discussions and recommendations. The report also contains the recommendations for the future of BME victim support  work in West Sussex. These recommendations are transferable and can also be used in other settings.
A number of important issues were explored including:
  • Work with mainstream partners and other BME organisations develop better understanding of domestic violence, isolation and honour based abuse amongst BME women and girls.
  • Raise awareness to local partners of the seriousness of the issues amongst BME communities in West Sussex for more resources and other support to tackle the problem.
  • Advocate for more culturally sensitive and co-ordinated approach to deal with domestic violence experienced by these BME women.