#Goodbyeto2011: Interview with Ratna Dutt

Author: Dutt, Ratna

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: December 2011

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#Goodbyeto2011 is a short video project produced by the Race Equality Foundation in collaboration with speakers from a number of voluntary, community and public sector organisations.  Here Ratna Dutt, Chief Executive of the Race Equality Foundation gives her thoughts on how race equality has progressed in 2011, and her hopes for 2012.

Ratna considers progress in race equality in health and social care, highlighting the 'mainstreaming' of race equality issues in social care training, and also, based on her work with the Future Forum, the potential for health reforms to allow personalisation of services for black and minority ethnic communities.  However, she believes that there is still much to be done, with the racial element to the August riots, and continuing media emphasis on race/ethnic-matching in adoption services.

The Goodbye to 2011 videos were published on the Foundation's Youtube channel throughout the festive season in the run up to New Year 2011-12.  Your thoughts and feedback on the videos, and your own hopes for 2012, are much appreciated.

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