#Goodbyeto2011: Interview with Chris Whitwell

Author: Whitwell, Chris

Corporate author: Friends, Families and Travellers

Publisher: Race Equality Foundation

Publication date: December 2011

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#Goodbyeto2011 is a short video project produced by the Race Equality Foundation in collaboration with speakers from a number of voluntary, community and public sector organisations.  Here Chris Whitwell, Director of the Gypsy-Traveller organisation Friends, Families and Travellers and a member of the BME VCS Coalition (external website), gives his thoughts on how race equality has progressed in 2011, lamenting the continuing evidence of poor health outcomes for Gypsy-Travellers as well as wasted resources when carrying out evictions. Looking forward to 2012, Chris calls on equality organisations to work together and to take a wider view in promoting equality.

The Goodbye to 2011 videos were published on the Foundation's Youtube channel throughout the festive season in the run up to New Year 2011-12.  Your thoughts and feedback on the videos, and your own hopes for 2012, are much appreciated.

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